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What better way to celebrate Halloween then a 31 day ART CHALLENGE?

RULES: Art submissions can be most anything (stories, drawings, crafts, etc) as long as they pertain to one of the days words. See how creatively you can incorporate the words for each day!

Feel free to submit your writing/art to the Challenge’s main blog, spoopyartchallenge. It’s a great way to meet other artists and give your creations some exposure! Signal boosts always help!!


They sang some more

I’m the dude down a bit making his DJ-PON3 plush dance.

Gravity Falls Gender “Joke”

I’m seeing a lot of people that are overly upset over Soos trying to debunk the gender of a person working at the GF equivalent of Hot Topic. They are saying it’s a really bad joke to all people who are trans or don’t identify.

Instead of seeing it as a horrid joke, look at it this way:
The person Soos is talking to…is not giving two shits about him.
They don’t care that Soos can’t identify them.

Soos has probly never met someone he cant identify, so he was genuinely confused. The “joke” may have come across as mean, but the way I saw it, it was from another point of view.

I made a post a LONG time ago about us who identify as another gender or non at all.
People who are not in our shoes, have no idea that you are becoming a different gender, or none at all.
It’s not rude or insensitive when they misgender you…especially strangers!

And friends or family. They’ve known you as either a “he” or “she” for the time they’ve know you. So having to call you a new term will get some getting use to. They are not being mean or refusing to call you by your new term.

As a trans person myself, I’m gonna say this: Take it easy! Don’t physicaly or mentaly abuse someone who misgenders you. Just like you, they are getting accustomed to a new lifestyle.

Now I sit back, and wait for the hate mail.

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