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Scallywags the pirate pooch.
He’s made of high quality fake fur (reason being I cant really draw animatrons/robots) and all the kids loved petting him. One day he toppled over and crushed several kids. Not wanting to put Scallywags down, they took him apart via the lower half and made him sit. He was moved far back so kids can no longer pet him.

He got the gash in his gut from Foxy when the other pirate went on one of his running sprees, slicing open the poor guy.

His one eye often leeks oil.
Could he be crying because he misses the children petting him? Maybe because his innards are exposed? Or quite possibly that the acordian her holds it a part of him and he cant put it down.

Scallywags waits for his opportunity to get in on the fun the other animatrons have at night. For the time being, he contributes by making errie noises.

Five Nights OC

I hopped on the bandwagon and made myself a ANAF OC
I call him Scallywags the Sea Dog. He’s based off an English sheep dog and is a part of pirates cove. He use to stand up like the others until he fell on a kid, crushing them. Scallywags was taken away but since he was an expensive animatron (made out of good quality shag fake fur) they took him apart and made him sit.
So now Scallywags cant get up with the others when they torment the guards. The only thing he can do is either wait till a guard comes by and try to grab him (he has an acordian attached to both hands) or make noises to at least scare whoever is on duty. Art of Scally coming soon!


Anonymous asked:

Hey noxicc, can you send me the foxy reverse thing, but in video using any social media program if you can I'll appreciate it thanks

You want the gif put in a video format? The gif isn’t mine. I found it searching the FNAF tag, reversed it and added the text.

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